Multi State CCW

Numerous states will allow non-residents access to their CCW permits. Some require specific classes to be completed, some do not. Remember, California does NOT recognize any CCW permits from other states. Nevada, Oregon and California DO NOT recognize each other as well. However, once you receive your California CCW, you can go, in person, to Oregon and apply for their permit. Most people find Klamath County the easiest route. The only way to obtain a Nevada CCW is to go to Nevada and take a 8 hour class.

Interested in a 36 state CCW permit? Florida and Arizona offer permits that allow you to carry in 36 states. The process is simple and available online. I have included the links to both states below.

Keep in mind, laws vary from state to state. Be very aware of differing laws and the consequences of carrying all the time! I suggest buying the app “Legal Heat” for your smart phone. It covers most of the laws and details many of the differences.

Arizona CCWFlorida CCW