Rick Deruyter

Retired Police Officer / Firearms Instructor

Rick is an avid outdoorsman and family man. He has recently retired from the Mt. Shasta Police Department and now focuses his energy and expertise on beginner, intermediate, and advanced firearms training courses.

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EM rick_deruyter@hotmail.com

Training Tailored to Your Needs

We pride ourselves in customized instruction where our students learn based upon their abilities. You set the pace that you are comfortable with. Whether you are an experienced shooter or have never fired a gun, our instructional techniques will assure your success at the range. We teach small groups, so there is no pressure on you to hit the BULLSEYE with every trigger pull.

NRA Certified
California Peace Officers Standards in Training Certified
Over 25 Years of Firearms Experience

We won’t waste your time with inconsequential advice. We focus on equipping you with tools required to effectively operate a firearm in any environment. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions or concerns. Distinguished Firearms Instruction is here to help.


Our classes range from basic CCW Certification, to advanced weapons handling to provide you with the skills you need to operate at your desired level. Every class is designed to make you feel at ease, while learning the essentials. Our aim is to empower you with practical understanding and training, from down to earth professionals with knowledge and experience.

The CCW Process

The California CCW Permit process is made up of three primary steps:

1. Obtain CCW Certificate

This is done by completing a certified CCW course, and it just so happens that this is our specialty. Our course is made up of both class time, and range time complying with your local jurisdiction’s required course time.

2. Meet With Sheriff

Once you have your certificate, you can schedule an appointment with your local Sheriff, where they will review the information you have submitted and determine if you qualify for a CCW Permit.

3. Obtain CCW Permit

After the the Sheriff processes all of your paper work,  and if everything checks out, you will receive your CCW Permit in the mail. At that point you are legally able to carry your handgun concealed anywhere it is legal to do so.